Diy bracelet idea-Easy to Make Braclet for Kids

Summary: I am introducing you a way of easy to make bracelet for kids; with simple 3 steps, you will achieve the perfect way to make this cute easy bracelet.

are you wondering what suitable gifts you will send to your child in their birthday? Here is a "easy to make bracelet for kids" project will help you solve the problem.

The materials and tools:

Lampwork beads

Elastic wire



Step 1: prepare enough elastic wire
Cut the wire slightly longer than the circumference.
Step 2: add beads on

Remove stopper; make surgeon knot at ends and tighten wire as much as possible.

So far the tutorial “easy to make bracelet for kids” is over! Simplicity is another kind of beauty; I bet these DIY bracelet idea with beads can help you make a wonderful present.

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