How to Make 3-strand Braided Friendship Bracelet out of String

Summary: This tutorial aims to, firstly, tutor green hands an easy way to make 3 string bracelet; secondly, to show the commonly seen method regarding how to make a clasp.

How to Make 3-strand Braided Friendship Bracelet out of String

It is not wise to start braiding bracelets from complicated instructions, or you'll soon become frustrated in string bracelets making. My suggestion is to follow easy tutorials, like this one- a 3-strand friendship bracelet. Keep reading and you will know how easy it is.

Materials and tools for making 3-strand friendship bracelet:

1mm nylon threads in dark red and bright yellow colors

Materials and tools for making 3 strand friendship bracelet

Instructions for making 3 string friendship bracelet:

Step 1: Make a clasp for a bracelet (the loop part)

1st, snip 2m red and yellow strings;
2nd, make 3cm snake knots at the center; the loop part is done.

Make the loop part for 3 string bracelet

Step 2: Braid the body of 3 string bracelet

1st, snip 2 pieces of 4m red strings; make double-string overhand knot at one end of snake knots;
2nd, start the 4-strand-braiding; symmetrically handle the other end of snake knots; control the length of string bracelets;
3rd, loop up snake knots, collect 4 strands (2 in red, 2 in yellow), and do 4-strand-braiding again (Notice: pick up 2 strands to make overhand knot to secure the loop before 4-strand-braiding).

Braid the body of 3 string bracelet

Step 3: Do a closure part for a 3-strand friendship bracelet

1st, use simple overhand knots to cease braiding; allot center 4 strands into 2 groups, and each group goes into each side to form new group;
2nd, at each side do triple strand braiding, changing 6 strands into 1 strand;
3rd, use the braided strands to make simple square knot, trim off excess strings and melt ends with lighter.

Do a closure part for a 3 strand friendship bracelet

Till now, the 3-strand braided bracelet has been finished. Have you learnt the skills about making the loop part and closure part of this 3 string friendship bracelets? If you have any doubts, feel free to leave me messages.

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