Bead and Wire Jewelry-Make Your Own Necklace Pendant in a Triangle Pattern

Summary: Cheer up! This time, our bead and wire jewelry tutorial is inspired by the anime work of Naruto. Try this new way to make your own necklace pendant!

This triangle patterned bead and wire jewelry quite resembles the sign of kono haga Nanja village; for those jewelry crafters who also love anime to death, you can completely treat this project as a soft hobby product on how to make your own necklace pendant from Naruto.


Materials and tools:

1.5mm light orange alum wire

0.5mm light orange copper wire

4mm iron bead spacer

Silvery iron chain

Jump ring

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Make the preliminary pattern

1st, pick a piece of alum wire and fold it in half to find the center position;

2nd, adjust the fold into 60 degree angle and find the 1/2 point to bend another 60 degree angle;

3rd, the equilateral triangle is narrowly done; then find the 1/2 point again at the left end;

4th, make simple coils and cut off extra length;

5th, bend the right end and do the circle curling with hands;

6th, cut off excess end and finish the coiling.


Step 2: Finish pattern by coiling

1st, pick copper wire and do coils around overlapped part at the top to secure the pattern from deforming;

2nd, do coils around tangent parts as picture shows; and when coiling, add a golden bead to adorn the design.


Step 3: Attach pendant to chain

Pick a piece of iron chain and attach pendant to the chain at both ends with jump rings.


The final look is as shown below:


Can you find out more interesting signs in various animation and movies? It is fun to apply these popular patterns into bead and wire jewelry ideas? As you can see, making your own necklace pendant makes for fantastic times!

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