Modern Jewelry Design-Easy to Make Bracelets out of Chunky Chain

Summary: Make your own modern jewelry, one of a kind chunky, stylish and easy to make bracelets, which are decorated with an orange wooden bead at the center and organza ribbon along with the rest of it.

Jewelry plays a large role in a women’s daily life, no matter if at a family gathering or a friends’ party. Wearing an embellishment may help one become confident and tasteful. For me, I prefer the somewhat modern jewelry because of its simplicity. I have prepared one of those easy to make bracelets that mix of all sorts of elements, such as chunky chain, a bright wooden bead and organza ribbon. Hope you will be inspired!


Elements in the modern jewelry:

Wooden Bead


Organza Ribbon (6mm)

0.5mm Brass Wire

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers


Instructions on easy to make bracelets:

Step 1: Design the skeleton of bracelet

1. Measure a strand of chunky chain around your wrist, usually 13~15cm is enough. Snip it into 2 equal parts.

2. Take a 30cm wire. Thread through the first link on chain and then the loop it. Reserve a little space to allow the ribbons to pass through.

3. Slide on the focal wooden bead.

4. Connect the other chain strip in same way. Cut off any excess wire.


Step 2: Braid the ribbon strands

1. Gather the start of the 3 ribbon strands (50cm for each) with short wire. That may help the ribbon go through chain links more rapidly.

2. Thread the ribbon through the connective wire loop first. Pull the tip and stop at the center location.

3. Take the left end over the right one. Continually use the top left end to go through the first link upwards.

4. Over the left end and over the right one, and then direct the left one through the next link from back to front.

5. Keep braiding like this for all links. 

6. At the end, hold the two ends together with a knot.


7. Repeat all steps above for the other chain.


Step 3: Wear your bracelet

Just take the bracelet and tie it to your wrist.


There your first modern jewelry has been whipped up successfully. However, finding one piece that flatters your appearance, demonstrates your style, and coordinates with your wardrobe can be actually difficult unless you make it yourself. Just enjoy yourself while practicing these easy to make bracelets. 

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