Easy Jewellery Designs-Bracelets to Make with Chains Only

Summary: This project is about bracelets to make with strands of chain only. This one among such a number of jewellery designs is fairly simple to make and relatively inexpensive.

The chains are sometimes a wonderfully decorative jewelry component, even without any attachments and adornments. Among plenty of jewellery designs, the bracelets to make with chains only make a pretty good gift for friends in this current season. 


Supplies needed for this jewellery designs:

Chain (in 3 colors)

Hook and Eye Clasp Set


Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier


Instructions for the bracelet to make with chain:

Step 1: Cut an 80cm chain strand. Open the jumpring and go through the first link. Next, hook the proper locations of chain on the jumpring to make the chain into a 10cm long bunch. 


Step 2: Take another jumpring to attach the links at the other end.


Step 3: attach the two jumprings to the two outer loops of the clasp.


Step 4: Do the same actions for the antique bronze and golden chains.


So, task completed!


The bracelet to make with chains takes simply little time but the result is an ingenious jewellery design. Depending on the supplies used, handmade jewelry can be made in a variety of styles, from rustic to elegant and intricate to easy. Just have a try!

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