Make Your Own Necklaces- A Lovely Evening Choker

Summary: This great beading jewelry ideas comes from one of our customers! This tutorial will tell you how to make lovely chocker necklace and proves to you that making your own necklaces is just a simple thing.

Every evening is precious. It’s the silent, reflective time of the day, and also a great opportunity to relish either wonderful togetherness in candlelight or memorable events with hundreds of people. What ever the case may be, this choker will be an extraordinary cavalier of a lady on every grand evening; let alone that you grasp the beading jewelry idea and make your own necklace.



1) approx. 76cm white tiger tail

2) 135pcs. electroplate glass beads, faceted, red color

3) 1pc. lobster claw clasp silver color

4) 1pc. jumpring silver color

5) 2pcs. brass crimp beads silver color

6) 2pcs. brass bead tips silver color



1) 1 flat nose plier. (Set:  P017Y) 

2) 1 round nose plier. (Set:  P017Y)

3) 1 side cutting plier.  (Set:  P017Y)



Step 1: Prepare the tiger tail and the electroplated beads. Thread 20 beads on the tiger tail, make sure they are in the middle and then cross the ends.

Step 2: Thread the right end of the wire through 6 beads on the right side – repeat this with the other end on the other side.


Step 3: Your result should look like what is shown on the picture.

Step 4: Thread 15 beads on every end of the tiger tail. Grab the right end and pull it through the sixth bead counted from the right crossing (tagged on picture). Repeat this step with the left side and the sixth bead counted from the left crossing.


Step 5: Now your result should look like shown.

Step 6: Pull one bead over both tiger tail ends and then ten on each end. Grab the right end and pull it through the seventh bead counted from middle the crossing (tagged on picture). Repeat this with the other end on the other side. 


That’s what it should look like now. Thread 32 beads on each end (you may use more or less beads, depending on the size of your neck).


Step 7: Thread one bead tip and one crimp bead on each end.

Step 8: squeeze the crimp beads and close bead tips;

Step 9: Put the lobster claw clasp on one end and the jumpring on the other end of the choker. 


Congratulations! Through this beading jewelry idea, you finished your precious guardian for every lovely evening. Even while making your own necklace, love is flowing in the air – show it by wearing this gorgeous sparkling heart choker.

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