Bead and wire jewelry designs- a magical assemblage of square stone beads

Summary: Here is a great tip showing you bead and wire jewelry designs; it is exemplified by this tutorial of black square stone necklace; it is a cool necklace and the beading technique is easy, even for a novice, it is completely a quick lesson.

Square stone bead is always of remarkable features; as the square angles easily conflict with other beads such as bicone, square stone beads are seldom chosen to match others; this kind of beads is more suitable to take independent actions; this time, bead and wire jewelry designs include a magical necklace which is merely made up of square stone beads.

The required materials and tools for square stone bead necklace:


Black square beads 

Black caky beads

Eye pins

Head pins

Jump rings



Sea horse Pendant

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

The basic instructions for bead and wire jewelry designs:
1. Make necklace units
Thread one square stone bead onto one eye pin/head pin, and loop the rest part of pin, so one unit is done; repeat above steps, prepare enough units: 18 eye pin units(including 16 square stone beads and 2 caky beads), 14 head pin units.
2. Make the beaded part
First, hook the 18 eye pin units together as picture shows; so the upper layer is done;
Second, hook the 14 head pin units onto wire loops of the eye pin units, so the lower layer is done;
3. Finish the square stone necklace
Attach a pair of symmetrical chains onto the ends of beaded part; and install clasp by jump rings.
So the tutorial about bead and wire jewelry designs ends here and you have followed the right steps to create a beautiful square stone bead necklace; it is a magical necklace, made of black stone beads, some of which are mixed with beige flower patterns, fulfilled with the natural and mysterious charming.

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