Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials-Distinctive Braided Chain Bracelet

Summary: For such type of wire jewelry making tutorials, I tried to combine the beads and chain in a piece using some actually easy but distinctive methods, for instance, the braided chain bracelet here!

For most crafter, including somewhat novices or even skillful masters, simplicity is always the key issue that is well concerned. For today’s wire jewelry making tutorials, I just create such a straightforward and basic braided chain bracelet. All supplies needed are available in craft stores and priced reasonably. 


Supplies for a braided chain bracelet:

6mm Acrylic Bicone Bead


Toggle and T-bar clasp

0.3mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier


Details for the wire jewelry making tutorials:

Step1: Measure the needed chain part around your wrist. The length of bracelet equals the wrist circumference minus the length of clasp.


Step2: Take a long brass wire strand. Start with wrapping the T-bar to the first link of chain. Firstly, weave the wire through the loop of T-bar and chain for several times; later, wrap the short end around the blank wire neck.


Step3: Here you may add on the beads now. Wrap the wire around the link 3 or 4 times. Slide on one 6mm bicone bead and the wrap the top of next chain link.


Step4: Repeat the same process for whole chain strip.


Step5: Attach on the toggle as starting and cut off the excess.




As you seen in the braided chain bracelet, lightweight acrylic beads and chain are actually popular now and has been widely adopted in a large amount of wire jewelry making tutorials for beginners. What’s more about the advantage is that such bracelets can be stacked with any other items to create impact! So, just enjoy it!

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