Wire Jewelry Making Ideas - How to Make Diy Wire Earrings

Summary: This simple DIY wire earrings is for beginners and those who step into jewelry making lines for only a few days. To learn this wire earring designs is a good start in your DIY craft journey!

 A handmade gift may help create a special powerful gesture. Just as our diy wire earrings here, it is affordable and easy-to-make. Hence, simply try and practice the following wire earring tutorials! Actually that is not as sophisticated as you image.

Materials you’ll need :

Brass wire

8/0 Seed Bead

Glass Bugle Bead

Earring hooks

side cutting plier

Instructions for for the DIY wire earring:

Step1: thread the bugle beads onto wire

Snip 50cm long brass wire and attach the center onto the loop of earring hook;

Twist the wire for several times and then cross both ends through the first bugle bead;

Next, remain the same process for more 3 or 4 times.

During the process, leave certain space between each line.

Step2: make the seed bead bow embellishment

As soon as stop adding bugle beads, twist the wire several times again;

Slide 10 piece or more seed beads onto either of the ends and wrap a loop as diagram show;

Make 3 above loops and wind the two ends. Remove the excess portion and hide the ending among loops.

Here, you have gain another new ornament for your wardrobe. You can make such a diy wire earrings, they are suitable as a gift for many festavals.Just try making some pieces within the wire earring making tutorials and give to your confidants in delicate packaging. Have nice day!

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