Wire Necklaces DIY- a Rose for You and Me

Summary: Popular jewelry on etsy? Yes, this kind of wire necklaces is very attractive and for you simple to do; wire wrapped rose necklace for you and me!

What does a rose mean? Love, passion and eternal beauty! This blue rose as a pendant for wire necklaces represents our respect to the first designer of this popular jewelry and our thanks to customers who keep on supporting us!


Materials and tools:

1.5mm blue aluminum wire

Silvery iron chain

Jump rings

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cuter



Step 1: wire wrap blue blossom

1st, cut a piece of blue aluminum wire and loop with round nose pliers;

2nd, do about 3 coils in a clockwise direction;

3rd, continue wrapping behind and forward and shape irregularly with pliers;

4th. Adjust the outward wraps, making them into dimensional blossom pattern;

5th, tie a knot at the back to secure the blossom from coming unbound.


Step 2: finish the rose pendant

1st, slightly bend the rest of the wire and wrap a leaf shape towards the blossom;

2nd, do wire wrapping below to secure this shape and make a loop at end;

3rd, cut off extra length of wire.


Step 3: attach chain to pendant

Attach rose pendant to iron chain by jump rings.


The finalized product is like this:


Well, this wire necklace tutorial is done! It is an ongoing task to dig out various creative, funny and popular jewelry ideas; doing knockoffs is an easy thing, but creating inspiration projects is much challenging; I am working hard, are you?

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