Beaded Ring Tutorial – How to Create Your Own Ring with 2 Easy Steps

Summary: How to create your own ring? Choose inches of soft brass wire and then combine with a few 4mm round seed, you will able to produce one handmade ring with 2 easy steps!

Whether you’re searching for a customized outlet, or simply wanting to create your own ring, making rings has become the latest fashion trendy. Plus the craft shops that provides of all sorts of necessary or special materials, a handmade ring may be even finished less than 10 minutes! Here, in this beaded ring tutorial, we’re glad to show you a easy handmade ring that made with only 2 steps!


Supplies needed in the handmade ring:

4mm Round Seed Bead (more than 3 colors)

0.5mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Plier


How to create the beaded ring?

Step1: Bead the center focal part

1st, cut a length of 0.5mm brass wire, not too long;

2nd, string 4 colorful round seed beads on one end of wire;

3rd, take the other end of wire and thread through same 4 seed beads from the opposite direction;

4th, pull two wire ends gradually, make sure the two ends are equal after that;

5th, add another 3 rows of 4 beads in same way.


Step2: Make the rest beaded ring base

1st, take the two wire ends and pass through a brown seed bead from different directions;

2nd, keep adding beads and threading wire through in same way;

3rd, when the length is long enough, measure it around your selected finger;

4th, cross the two wires through central 2 of the colorful seed bead row;

5th, pull the wire snugly and then stuck the excess wire at adjacent beads.




So, that’s it! Creating your own ring is actually a great way to whip up an exclusive design. You style and individuality can be entirely reflected in your design. Check out beaded ring tutorial and try making such a one-of-a-kind item.



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