Stunning Jewelry Design – How to Make Your Own Charm Necklace

Summary: Stunning handmade jewelry design about how to make your own charm necklace, one of the season’s hottest styles will give your instant sense of charm and enchantment.

To make your own charm necklace, it may depend on the style you desired and the charms you’ve collected. In today’s charm jewelry designing, all things need to do are mixing the colorful acrylic beads, cat eye beads and aluminum flower beads, then design a necklace and make it personal.


Supplies needed in the necklace designing project:

Brass Tube Bead Finding

Cat Eye Bead

Colorful Acrylic Bead

Flower Aluminum Bead

Metal Spacer Bead


1.5mm Aluminum Wire

2mm Nylon Thread

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier


How to make your own charm necklace?

Step1: Prepare the necessary charms

1st, take the headpin, string your prepared beads respectively;

2nd, keep 7mm at end and trim off the excess parts,

3rd, loop the remaining pin part with plier.


Step2: Attach the charms to the brass tube bead

1st, take one charm and hook on the brass tube bead as picture show;

2nd, use the flat nose plier to curl the pin loop until fasten the charm;

3rd, arrange the rest charms on the tube bead;


4th, when finished all, you’ll get the focal adorned tube bead as below:


Step3: Make the focal part into a pendant

1st, cut a length of 1.5mm aluminum wire, measuring about 7cm;

2nd, string the focal tube bead;

3rd, slide 5 metal spacer beads each side;

4th, make a wrapped loop at two ends;

5th, remove all the excess wire.


Step4: Make it a complete necklace

1st, cut two length of 2mm nylon thread, measuring about 30cm for each;

2nd, fold the thread and attach to the wrapped loop by a Lark’s Head Knot;

3rd, repeat the same processes at the other side;


When finished the processes above, you are able to wear your new charm necklace right now!


There are several ways to design your own charms and the charm necklace. If you have such sorts of leftover baubles and beads, just have them pinned to create this fabulous jewelry designing! Nice Try!

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