Wire Bracelets to Make at Home - Personalized Charm Jewelry Project

Summary: This tutorial below is to introduce a time- and trouble-saving way to make wire bracelets at home; follow these simple steps to finish the personalized bracelet.

It’s time to test your wire wrapping techniques; in this personalized charm jewelry project, we present specific instructions about making this exquisite wire bracelet; please rest assured it is absolutely a simple bracelet to make at home.


Materials and tools: 

1.5mm orange red aluminum wire

Wood beads in grey, yellow and cyan colors

10mm purple abacus glass bead

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Make four-leaf clovers with wire

1st, pick a piece of 18cm aluminum wire and loop with pliers at its center point;

2nd, continue looping both ends at the points that are about 1.5cm away from the crossing point;

3rd, make the last two loops and cut off extra aluminum wire, making sure that the two loops are overlapped and right opposite to the first loop.


Step 2: Add bead between flowers

1st, pick another piece of aluminum wire that measures about 15cm;

2nd, on one end make a wire wrapped loop over a clover link;

3rd, slide wood bead on and wrap the other end around another clover link;

4th, in this way combine beads and clovers together.


Step 3: Attach hook clasp

Make a ‘S’ hook with pliers and attach it to both ends of the bracelet.


The final look is like this:


Tada! The personalized charm jewelry is done! I guess now you can’t wait to go home and make this simple wire bracelet, right? Enjoy your bracelet making at home! 

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