DIY Triangle Earrings - Handmade Triangle Earrings with Beads and Wires

Summary: This handmade jewelry tutorial is going to show you how to make DIY triangle earrings with simple beads and wire. Follow our simple steps to create a pretty pair of triangle earrings.

Since long time ago, handmade jewelry has earned its reputation for quality and originality. And nowadays, many of us start are captivated by this popular activity. today I‘d like to introduce to you a tutorial about triangle earrings making; I have finished a pair, so I know how perfect the final beaded triangle earrings and I recommend that you have a try.


Materials and Tools:

1.5mm black aluminum wire

0.5mm black copper wire

4mm dark green bicone glass beads

4mm yellow bicone glass beads

4mm blue silver-lined glass seed beads

4mm white spray painted glass beads

4mm brass bead spacer

8mm orange glass pearl beads

8mm red acrylic beads

Jump rings

Ear hooks

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Make triangle pattern

1st, pick a piece of aluminum wire that measures about 25cm;

2nd, bend it into 75 degrees with flat nose pliers; the first angle is done;

3rd, 3cm away from the first angle, bend a second angle with pliers;

4th, the two ends should cross at a 30 degree angle; grasp the crossing point with pliers and wrap the short tail around the long tail;

5th, slide a red acrylic bead onto long tail and make a wire wrapped loop with the rest of the wire;

6th, cut off extra wire and tuck the sharp end.


Step 2: Adorn beads onto the triangle

1st, pick a piece of 30cm copper wire;

2nd, coil both sides 10-15 times below the wire wrapped part;

3rd, slide a gold bead onto the copper wire and coil the right handed side several times;

4th, slide double white beads on and coil the left hand side;

5th, repeat the above process, adding multi-colored and –sized beads;

6th, when you finish the 7 rows of beading and coiling, trim off excess wire.


Step 3: Finish making triangle earrings 

Open a jump ring and combine it with ear hook and triangle pendant.


The final look is like this:


Tada! The triangle earrings tutorial is done here. New handmade jewelry is awaiting you in the near future. And any of your ideas about jewelry making will receive a warm welcome here. 

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