Making Turquoise Jewelry - How to Make a Turquoise Necklace

Summary: Turquoise statement necklaces are an instant way to spice up any outfit, without any extra adornments. learn how to make this turquoise necklace and match it with basic T-shirt or splendid party dress, it can be actually fantastic

In recent days, I am head over heels for all things appear with exaggerating design and color collocation, such as today’s project about  how to make a turquoise necklace. The combination of bold and vintage, a little luxury golden findings and trendy turquoise beads are just what most essential for the fashion necklaces.


Materials for making turquoise statement necklaces:

Flower shaped turquoise bead

4mm gold Spacer Bead

Cord end

Crimp bead



5mm Nylon Thread

Tiger tail wire




Instructions for how to make this turquoise jewelry:

Step1: arrange your beads on wire

Cut a long strip of tiger tail wire and slide the following beads onto it. Organize all beads into the orders you like.


Step2: deal with the two wire ends

1. On the end, thread on the crimp bead and a cord end tip;

2. Direct the wire tail back through the crimp bead and then firmly squeeze the crimp bead;

3. Tuck the tail inside your adjacent beads or trim off excess part directly;

4. Do repeat the same processes on the other side.


Step3: attach on the cords

1. Drip several glue into the cord end tip and feed the cord tip in;

2. Cut the thread in half and then glue on two extra cord end tips;

3. Wait it to dry completely;

4. Add on the clasp and one matching jumpring.

And we’re done this tutorial about making a turquoise necklace. Actually, it fits any style properly. And while designing and creating the turquoise statement necklaces which are really very me, the hardest episode was gathering all beads and findings of your choice together. Whatever, every little effort will pay off. Just stay the course!

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