How to Make Jewelry with Wire and Beads- Fantastic Galaxy Beaded Earrings

Summary: A new idea striked me- galaxy beaded earrings! This project is very simple to do and great for beginners who want to know how to make jewelry with wire and beads!

A necklace picture from an unknown source inspired me to make a pair of galaxy beaded earrings. Recently, I really wanted to do beginner projects for those who are wondering how to make jewelry with wire and beads. This galaxy pair is not just a knockoff, I changed the pattern and added some fringe chains to adorn it and made it into my own design!


Materials and tools:

10mm round faceted blue glass beads

Tibetan style antique bronze pendants

4mm cat eye beads

1.5mm golden alum wire

0.3mm golden copper wire

1mm antique bronze chain

Jump rings

Ear hooks

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter



Step 1: start to make galaxy dangles

1st, snip a piece of copper wire and thread it through the upper hole of pendant;

2nd, make messy wire wrap with the short end of the wire;

3rd, slide an orange cat eye bead & a blue glass bead onto the wire and fasten the other end to loop at the bottom;

4th, the galaxy dangle is done;

5th, cut 3 pieces of 2cm long bronze colored chains;

6th, attach them to the 3 loops of the pendant with copper wire;



So the “how to make jewelry with wire and beads” project is done here! Do you like my-slightly-revised galaxy beaded earrings? Make them and try them on! They will be a special experiment for your summer.

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