How to Make Pearl Bow Hair Clip for Girls

Summary: In the post we’ll show you how to make a cute bow hair accessories with pearls as your new hair adornments. Further, it can be made into a barrette, a clip or glued to a blank headband. You gotta love the hair jewelry.

Add more sparkles to your whole appearance by wearing  this hair clip jewelry on top, which may be actually simple yet effective. No matter you are using them for functional purpose or some else, such as achieve a coordinating dress-up, pieces of hair ornaments can make big difference. Use the pearls beads and strand of wire to make this bowknot hair accessory.

Things need to make the hair clip jewelry:

Pearl Bead

0.5mm Brass Wire

Hair Ornaments Finding


Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Step-by-step instructions for the diy hair jewelry:

Step1: Take a 30cm long wire and fold to find and mark its central location. 

Step2: On both side, slide on 10~13 pearl beads. 

Step3: Make a loop with two beaded wire segments. Twist at the marked position. Finally, tie a tightly knot for secure.

Step4: Add on another piece of pearl bead on surface by crossing with two exposed wire ends.  

Step5: Pull the wire tautly and knot again on the back side. 

Step6: Thread extra 3~4 pearl beads onto each wire tail and secure the beads with knots. Trim off the leftover wires.

Step7: Glue in onto your hair ornaments findings. 

When glued on the clip, they will be the hair ornaments that hold your hairs out of your face while adding a pop of color and special sense to an outfit. For those days when you need to dress up or attend a party, just learn this tutorial on how to make a hair accessoties with pearls and then take this diy hair jewelry and it may make you the cutest princess. 

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