Twisting wire-Branch effect

Summary: This technique is similar to the twisting wire one. But the finished project with this technique will be slightly different.

Please prepare a hair comb and some beads to learn this technique with us. You’ll find it is very useful.


Step 1: Start to twist

1st, wrap the wire around one side of the hair comb.

2nd, slide a bead onto the wire.

3rd, start to twist the wire.

4th, slide another bead onto the wire.


Step 2: Continue twisting

1st, twist the wire.

2nd, twist the wire down from the two twisted wire branches.

3rd, slide one bead onto the wire and twist it.

4th, twist the wire until you reach the top of the hair comb.


Step 3: Finish the project

1st, then wrap the hair comb.

2nd, continue sliding beads and twisting the wire.

3rd, wrap the hair comb entirely and cut off the extra wire.


Step 4: Done!


Congratulations! You have mastered this technique. It makes the hair comb more beautiful, right? You can also apply this idea to other item

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