Twisting wire

Summary: Twisting wire is a classic technique. You can use it to decorate your hair accessories and other crafts.

Twisting can make simple accessories more beautiful. Let’s learn it.


Step 1: Start to twist

1st, prepare a hair comb or use a readymade one. Here, we made our own.

2nd, wrap the wire around one side of the comb.

3rd, slide a bead onto the wire and then wrap the wire.

4th, twist the wire with your fingers.

5th, keep twisting until the wire is twisted down to the hair comb.


Step 2: Continue twisting

1st, slide another bead and twist.

2nd, wrap the wire around the hair comb.

3rd, slide three beads onto the wire.

4th, twist the wire.


Step 3: Continue sliding and twisting until reach the end of the comb


Step 4: Done!


You have just learned a technique to beautify your hair combs!  Get out one of yours and have a try!

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