All Free Jewelry Making for You- How to Make a Wire Necklace in a Sunflower Pattern

Summary: Here we present all free jewelry making for you! Learn how to make a wire necklace with beads and in sunflower pattern; we bet you will love it!

It is endlessly fun to experiment with diversified jewelry ideas and try versatile kits; moreover we have displayed all free jewelry making resources for your immediate reference. This time, I like to introduce this sunflower patterned “how to make a wire necklace” tutorial!


Materials and tools:

1.5mm golden aluminum wire

0.5mm golden copper wire

Spray painted glass beads red

1mm golden iron chain

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter



Step 1: make sunflower pendant

1st, pick a piece of aluminum wire and start to coil it with round nose pliers;

2nd, after coiling 7 circles, loop the rest of the wire outwards;

3rd, cut off the extra aluminum wire;

4th, pick a piece of copper wire and secure one end to the aluminum loop;

5th, loop around the outer circle twice and add a red bead;

6th, continue wrapping around the aluminum wire and adding beads on it;

7th, when the outer circle is filled with beads, secure the other end to the aluminum wire and cut off excess length.


Step 2: attach pendant to chain

1st, wrap a piece of aluminum wire around your round nose pliers 3 times;

2nd, trim off extra length at both ends, and the connector is done;

3rd, attach connector to pendant and iron chain;

4th, combine the two ends of chain together with the golden copper wire;

<span "="">The finalized product looks like this:


This “how to make a wire necklace” journey comes to the end; I am working hard to make and share all free jewelry making projects with you. I hope more of you can share good ideas with us.

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Mar 03, 2015 at 02:05 PM Florine Francis

Thank you for offering all these wonderful tutorials! I have made a few items from your tutorials and they have been so much fun!