Using a coiling gizmo style 3

Summary: This technique needs more coils than in style2. But, it’s still very easy.

Prepare your wires and let’s make it. You surely will find this tutorial very interesting.


Step 1: Make the first coil

1st, prepare your basic wire work.

2nd, thread a red wire through the basic wire work.

3rd, coil the red wire around a silver wire.

4th, coil the basic wire work around the silver wire.

5th, continue coiling the basic wire work and then the red wire.

6th, cut off the extra wire.


Step 2: Make the second coil

1st, thread a blue wire through the item you just made. And coil the blue wire around the silver wire.

2nd, continue coiling the purple one around the silver wire.

3rd, then coil the blue wire.



Step 3: Cut off the extra wire



Congratulation! You have mastered this technique.

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Aug 29, 2017 at 01:36 AM Hazel McSweeney

The photos are of a very poor quality when emlarged from a mobile device. I can't really see what I'm supposed to be doing !!