Using a coiling gizmo style 2

Summary: Using a coiling gizmo style 2 is almost the same as with style 1. You can make one of these wire beads and see which one you like better.

It is very easy to make, and you can make it in your spare time. The finished item can be used to make jewelry or decorate other things.


Step 1: Start to coil

1st, prepare the basic wire work.

2nd, thread a black wire through the basic wire work and wrap the black wire around a silver wire.

3rd, wrap the basic wires work around the silver wire and then wrap the black wire around the silver one.

4th, squeeze the basic wire work towards the middle with your hands.


Step 2: Then you will get something similar to this pictured below


Step 3: Adjust the shape slightly


Done! What will you use these in?

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