Small Seed Beads- Play an Important Role

Summary: Seed & bugle beads are some of the most wonderful and versatile beads out there. Although they are smaller than other kinds of beads, they play an important role in craft making. And they have an endless array of usages. Read on and get to know them better with us.

Seed beads and bugle beads almost always play the role of decoration or connection in jewelry making. They might be easy to ignore or forget, but let us introduce them to you in detail. These beads have great value for jewelry making and crafts. In our Pandahall web store, we divide the seed & bugle beads into five general categories: round seed beads, 2-cut seed beads, fringe seed beads, bugle beads and all other seed beads.

1. Round seed beads

This kind of bead is usually made of glass. Some of them are transparent while some are opaque. The opaque ones look like porcelain, and have a beautiful ceramic-like luster. The transparent beads are similar to pony beads in shape and appearance. The size of these beads are various from 1mm to 3mm. And there are many colors you can choose from.


2. Two-cut seed beads

The 2-cut seed beads are not available in as many colors or shapes as regular round seed beads. However, they have a bright appearance which makes them charming and attractive. And they have a flat surface that can give out charming light. You will love how easy these beads are to work with.


3. Fringe seed beads

Fringe seed beads are made into four finishes including opaque colors rainbow, opaque colors, iris round and frosted colors. These beads are very popular among colorful beads now. Their simple color is full of allure. You will want to use them up immediately when you see them. 


4. Bugle beads

Bugle beads look like long 2-cut seed beads. They are very light and won’t give you the feeling of heaviness. They are easy to string and sew. The surfaces of bugle beads are smooth. Maybe you will need this kind of beads in your jewelry making. 


5. All other seed beads

These kinds of beads mainly include micro seed beads, normal glass seed beads and electroplate glass seed beads.  These beads are made into different sizes and colors. If you don’t find your desired seed beads in the previous four kinds, you can have look at this kind of seed beads.

All the five kinds of seed beads have ideal colors and sizes which are excellent for cloth embellishment and jewelry design. You can combine them with other styles of beads to add visual depth to your projects. You are welcome to visit to choose the seed beads you need:

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