Easy Knotted Bracelet Tutorial - How to Make a Knotted Bracelet with Beads

Summary: Rope and beads are always the supplies for jewelry making. sometimes easy knotted bracelets can be also very beautiful. This instruction on how to make a knotted bracelet with beads will show you a way to make fancy bracelet.

Bracelets made by ourselves are a great money saver and so many possibilities exist if you use your imagination to create them. You can make them easily with our tutorial of how to make bracelets with beads . Follow these steps to make one yourself!

Materials and tools:

14mm, 12mm and 10mm Turquoise Bead

Thread and cord



Step 1: Slide beads and tie knots.

1st, slide a 14mm turquoise bead onto the black thread. Position the bead in the middle of the thread. 

2nd, put the two threads together side by side and tie a knot on the side of the bead.

3rd, tie a second knot with the two cords on the other side of the 14mm turquoise bead to keep it in place.

4th, slide a 12mm turquoise bead onto the light blue thread and then tie a knot with both cords as in the previous step.

Step 2: Continue inserting beads and making knots.

1st, slide the remaining beads and tie knots after each one alternating on which cord your put the bead on.

2nd, you should get something similar as the image below.

Step 3: Tie sliding knots.

1st, make a loop with the black cord and insert the light blue cord through the loop.

2nd, continue by wrapping the black cord around the light blue cord one more time. You should have two coils around the light blue cord. 

3rd, pass the black cord end back through the two loops.

4th, pull the end tightly to create the sliding knot.


This easy knotted  bracelet is very beautiful! Follow the above . Then, you can send it to your friends or mother as a gift, Aslo, you can teach them how to make this knotted bracelet with beads and create the bracelet together with them!

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