Bling-Bling Electroplated Glass Beads

Summary: Do you know electroplated glass beads? You will love them at first sight. In this article, we will tell you more information about electroplated glass beads.

Electroplated glass beads have many advantages: not only do they have the perfect cut of Swarovski crystal beads, but also the incredible colors of metal beads. And they have other interesting features too! Electroplated glass beads are coated with well ground revealing the lustrous sheen. These beads with charming appearance are eye-catching and dramatic. And they are a good choice for jewelry making because of their features.

Our electroplated glass beads are handmade into many shapes such as round, abacus, cube, oval, flat round, drop and so on. We have these beads in other special shapes hat, snowflake and starfish. They surely will meet your needs for various shapes. As for the color, our electroplated beads are plated with various colors including golden, blue, black, green, antique bronze, etc. The beads in these colors have wonderful light reflection. And in our Pandahall store, we can offer you all sizes from 1mm to 39mm. We believe you will be satisfied with our bead selection:


The electroplated glass beads faceted and shiny appearance makes them great for jewelry decoration. You can match them with hooks, jumprings, and pins to make all kinds of jewelry like earrings, bracelet, necklace and ring. They can also be used to decorate other things such as your bags, shoes, and clothes. To make your jewelry more beautiful, you can mix the electroplate glass beads with other types of beads. They will make you more charming and gorgeous when you wear them.


If you are still unsure about the quality of our electroplate glass beads, we encourage you to buy some to see for yourself. We hope you like this kind of beads. They will help you in your jewelry making.

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