How to make cool bracelets with string-Really easy friendship bracelet patterns

Summary: In today’s how to make cool bracelets with string project, I will show you another really easy friendship bracelet patterns. Just enjoy with your strings and scissors!

In previous projects, we have learnt most widely-used patterns for friendship bracelets. Here, I have collected another one among mass really easy friendship bracelet patterns. The bracelet made from this way is in a round appearance and always very professional and unique looking. To get started with this how to make cool bracelets with string project, you need to prepare eight strands of Nylon thread in five colors. For more details, keep reading.

Things will need in really east friendship bracelet patterns:

1mm Nylon Thread (5 colors)



How to make cool bracelets with string?

Step1: prepare the necessary threads

In this project, you may need the following thread strands: 

120cm Magenta *2

50cm Green *1

50cm Blue *1

50cm Yellow *1

50cm  Golden *1

Step2: make a loop by two Magenta strands

Find the center locations on two Magenta thread strands and begin to tie Chinese Snake Knots from there. Stop doing when the knots portion reach 2~3cm long;

Then loop the knots portion and tie the extra four 50cm long thread strands around it;

Finally, Trim off the excess short part and melt with lighter.

Step3: deal with the really easy friendship bracelet patterns

1. Place the threads onto a flat board and make sure their order and manually number them with the Alphabet L (left) & R (right) and figure 1,2,3,4 as the diagram show.

2. Next, we will start to braid with the eight working ends:

Take the working end L1 and make it go above the adjoining 3 ends (L2, L3 & L4); then wrap the next 2 ends as diagram show.

3. Do the same processes with working end R1.

4. In the following procedures, continually act the same way with ends L2 & R2; L3 & R3 and L4 & R4.

While handle really easy friendship bracelet patterns, you can either decide to tighten or leave the threads loose with one accord. In this pattern, leave them loose may have your bracelet look more fabulous.

Step4: ending work

Make two or more extra Snake Knots with the left thread portion. Place the knot into the loop and your new friendship bracelet is done!

To sum up, while learning how to make cool bracelets with string, you can entirely finish them without any other assisted beads or findings. For the begin loop portion, you can also use the Square Knot or Larks Head Knot except the Snake Knot; Likewise, for the ending you can decide other knots such as Overhand Knot or any others. Whatever, string bracelet patterns are always versatile and what we need to do it try again and again, and you will find lots of fun after that!

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