Dainty Jewelry Design-How to Make a Ring in Bloom Pattern

Summary: This blooming flower jewelry design is a great summer accessory and might just bring you lots of good luck, as is taught in the tradition of feng shui. Learn how to make a ring with this pattern in a few easy steps!

Nothing says summer more than fresh blooming flowers and crystal dew drops on green leaves. Today, we bring summer a brand new flash of color and teach you to learn how to make a ring. This flower ring is made out of acrylic rhinestone beads and seed beads simply.

Supplies needed for this jewelry design:

3mm & 4mm Round Seed Bead (yellow)

2mm Round Seed Bead (transparent)

Acrylic Rhinestone Bead

0.3mm Tiger Tail Wire


How to make a ring decorated with a flower?

Step 1: bead the flower pattern

1. Form a loop with 5 pieces of 4mm yellow seed beads.

2. On the left end for the wire, add on the beads as: 2mm transparent seed bead*1, acrylic rhinestone bead*1, 2mm transparent seed bead*1 and 4mm yellow seed bead; on the right one, add on the 3 beads besides last yellow piece as: 2mm transparent seed bead*1, acrylic rhinestone bead*1, 2mm transparent seed bead*1 (pay attention to the back and front side of acrylic rhinestone bead).

3. Take the left working end to go through 3 beads on right end. Pull the wire tightly.

4. Adjust the yellow seed bead loop upwards andfeed the upper working end through the adjacent seed bead.

5. Next, continue to add beads on the two working ends. On the left end, add one 4mm yellow seed bead and one 2mm transparent piece; while on the right end, add on a 2mm seed bead and then an acrylic rhinestone bead.

6. Lead the left end through the beads that are on right end. Tighten the wire.

7. Repeat the steps 4 through 6 for the  3 other petals.

8. At the end, you’ll need to add on beads on the two ends. Simply thread the left end through the adjoining 3 beads to meet the two ends at the backside of flower.

9. Cross two ends through another 4mm yellow seed bead.

10. String the 4mm yellow seed beads on backside with either end.

Step 2: beaded ring band in jewelry design

1. Once you have finished the flower part, exit the two working ends from two 2mm seed beads as the picture shows.

2. Take 8 or so3mm yellow seed beads and then pass the two ends through all the beads together.

3. Repeat the above process for the length needed to fit on your finger. Do not pull the wire too tightly.

4. String one end through the opposite 3 seed beads from the flower.

5. Knot and secure the two ends firmly. Weave the remaining tails through several seed beads nearby. Trim off the leftovers at end.

 bead the ring base

Step3: wear your ring

The only rest thing is wear it and appreciate your own jewelry design!

the finihsed daisy bead ring


The chic, funky and youthful jewelry design is actually easy to make and can be whipped up in less than an hour. If you’re just searching for something like that and can be fit for any outfits, this project on how to make a ring is entirely a pretty good activity.



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