How to Design a Distinctive Pearl Necklace out of Pearl and Safety Pin

Summary: How much have you addicted to the handmade crafts? The tutorial of how to design a pearl necklace y will truly shocked you so much as its individual and bond collections of pearl bead and safety pins in one piece.

Though been regarded as the symbol of elegance and noble, you’ll never likely to wear a single strand of pearls in street. There, you can make little change to turn it more easily acceptable among young girls. That is to add a bit of metal elements, such as the safety pins in today’s instruction on designing  uniques pearl necklace idea. Keep reading and check for more details.

Stuffs need in designing this unique pearl necklace:

Pearl Necklace

Safety Pin (two different sizes)

Instructions on the pearl necklace for women:

Step1: Get start from the center location of pearl necklace. At the blank between each two pearls, add on 1 or 2 pieces of the safety pins. Next, to the outward side, connect the safety pins with a horizontal one.

Step2: Keep adding safety pins between the pearls and connect with extra ones. 

Try the pattern as random as you can!

Step3: Adjust the direction and locations of all your safety pins and congratulations!

The handmade jewelry of deisgning pearl necklace out of pearls and safety pins  are just like that. Just wear them with your suits or even the party dress. It will make you the one most standing out under the spotlights. 

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