Wire wrap chain No.2

Summary: This wire wrap chain is made up with many heart-shaped wires. As you can see it is very beautiful and creative.

You can send this chain to your friend as a gift. Here we will show you the technique to make this adorable chain, but you can embellish this chain to make it even prettier with some decorations.


Step 1: Wrap the wire

1st, wrap the wire around the round nose pliers to make a loop.

2nd, continue wrapping to make another loop.

3rd, wrap the wire around a bigger cylindrical object.

4th, wrap the wire on the other side of the loop.


Step 2: Make the wire into heart shape

1st, wrap one wire around the other wire for two wraps.

2nd, make a loop.

3rd, cut off the extra wires.

4th, repeat the above steps to make more.


Step3: Connect them one by one as pictures shown


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