Handmade Jewelry Unique Design-Infinity Wire Bracelet Making Instructions

Summary: This handmade jewelry unique in style is created by us and we hope you enjoy this infinity wire bracelet making instructions.

Recently I have been lurking in various photo-sharing sites and found a fair bit of handmade jewelry unique designs. The infinity wire bracelet is one of my favorites. I gave this design a go and now I want the bracelet making instructions below.

1.5mm orange-red alum wire

8mm pink glass pearl

Round nose pliers

Step 1: make infinity focal 

2nd, wrap the lower end around the upper end twice and cut off the extra wire with cutters;

4th, wrap it twice around center position and cut off the extra length.

Step 2: wrap the main body

2nd, fold it in half and use this folded piece to tie a lark head knot over the infinity focal;

4th, pick up the red copper wire and coil it below the loop;

1st, with round nose pliers prepare the findings like jump rings and hook clasp;

1st, pick another piece of red copper wire, slightly coiling one end;

3rd, cut off extra end.

The final look will be as shown below:

Although this project was limited within aluminum and copper materials, the vision of the final product proves that the result of this handmade jewelry unique design is much better than I expected. Furthermore, utilizing copper or aluminum means less effort to wrap and shape this bangle bracelet. Hope all of you enjoy the infinity bracelet making instructions.

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