Handmade Handcrafted Jewelry- How to Make Shell Earrings

Summary: This handmade handcrafted jewelry aims to teach you a quick-to-learn way on to how to make shell earrings.

This simple handmade handcrafted jewelry was designed all by myself. I just chose some seldom-used items from my supplies that where at hand and racked my brain to invent a fancy idea for making DIY button earrings. Fortunately, my efforts were not in vain, and now I’d like to share how to make shell earrings with you!


Materials and tools:

Tibetan Style Connectors

Iron jewelry finding beads

Flowery shell beads

Flowery acrylic beads blue

Ear hooks

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutter



Step 1: make shell dangles

1st, thread a head pin through a blue acrylic bead and a white shell bead;

2nd, continue threading it through the center of a connector;

3rd, pass the pin through the top hole of the connector with pliers and make a wire wrapped loop;

4th, cut off the extra length.


Step 2: add iron bead and ear hook

1st, make a simple loop above iron bead;

2nd, attach it to the shell dangle.

The final product is as the picture shows:


Tada, the tutorial of how to make shell earrings is completed! Do you like this sort of handmade handcrafted jewelry? Always keeping mind open while searching and making jewelry, who know what you will be able to create!

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