Handmade Art Jewelry- DIY Wirework Floral Necklace

Summary: Learn to make this 10 minute DIY wirework floral necklace. In this tutorial for this handmade art jewelry, all you need are just some golden wire, a floral bead and some versatile pliers.

Floral necklace is not really a fashion trend this year; it is likely that the cotemporary geometric fad has spread out the world. However, for me, trends are what I choose to wear at a given moment, not what others are necessarily wearing. I love floral necklaces and I’d like to share with you this handmade art jewelry tutorial.


Materials and tools:

Golden iron chain

1.5mm golden alum wire

Yellow floral bead

Head pins

Jump rings

Spring clasp

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter



Step 1: make the floral focal

1st, pick a golden head pin and thread it through the floral bead;

2nd, with round nose pliers make a wire wrapped loop atop;


Step 2: DIY wirework leaves

1st, snip a piece of aluminum wire;

2nd, according to the below detailed graphic, make the wire wrapped leaves with pliers;

3rd, cut off extra wire.

4th, combine the floral focal with wirework leaves together;


Step 3: attach pendant and clasp

1st, attach a spring clasp to one end of the chain and a jump ring to the other end;

2nd, attach the pendant to the chain with a jump ring.


The final product will look like this:


Tada, the tutorial for this DIY wirework floral necklace is done! We hope our handmade art jewelry can at least meet your aesthetic standards, and then perhaps spark some more attractive ideas!

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