Hand Beaded Jewelry- DIY String Bracelet with Lampwork and Rhinestone Bead

Summary: With just a few lampwork beads and some nylon thread, you can create beautiful and simple hand beaded jewelry- it is fun to follow our DIY string bracelet tutorial!

Multi-strands stacked bracelets are a really popular; but for me, I prefer to wear easy hand beaded jewelry.  All you need is just a few beads and two pieces of thread to make a bracelet that is fine to wear in every season, especially in summer days. So hurry up to make your own DIY string bracelet with us.

1mm blue nylon thread

Blue lampwork bead



1st, pick a piece of thread measuring 4 times of your wrist size;

3rd, insert the folded end through the first, second and third bead in that order.

Step 2: adjust the ends

2nd, cut apart the fold and string a blue seed bead onto each single thread;

<strong "="">Our DIY string bracelet tutorial is over; if you are interested in string bracelets, friendship bracelets, or various other beaded and braided bracelets, come check out our Friendship Bracelet section under Inspiration Projects in our Learning Center; there are a lot of wonderful projects for your quick reference. 

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