How to Design Your Own Jewelry - a Cool Necklace out of Pearl and Safety Pins

Summary: It’s been weeks since we posted a real creative DIY project here. We were racking our brains to write something fabulous, until I saw this project! This is a particularly cool necklace designs for women, and you just need to use a pack of safety pins and pearl beads, your own necklace can be customized. I hope you’ll love the final outcome.

Are you eager to find ways to add amusing and fun pieces to your wardrobe? Or do you just want to turn old jewellery into fresh new pieces?We have an idea here to customize your own necklace. With pearl and safty pins, you can design and customize your own jewelry necklace.

Supplies needed for this customized necklace

20-30 Safety Pins

Matching Pearl Bead

Spike Pendant

0.3mm Brass Wire



Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

How to start to design your own jewelry?

Step 1: Make the focal pendant

1. Cut 2 pieces of wire, about 15cm and 30cm long respectively;

2. Take the shorter piece and loop one end with pliers;

3. Thread three safety pins onto the loop on wire;

4. Take the longer wire and loop the end as before;

5. Pass the wire through the safety pins while inserting one pearl bead between each safety pin;

6. Keep adding safety pins and supplying pearl beads between them. When the half part has reached your desired length, stop to make the second piece.

7. Make a smaller loop at end and wrap the leftover wire tails around the last exposed wire. Do the process at all four locations.

Then, you will get two components as below.

Step 2: Add on the chain

1. Place the two components on a flat surface as picture shows;

2. Attach the chain using two jumprings at the top;

3. Connect the two bottom parts with a jumpring. Finally, hang on a spike pendant for decoration in the middle.

This is what the final product looks like.

I’m so happy to have this opportunity to share this project with you here. The best DIYs are always those made out of items found in your home. This cusomized nekclace out of  pearl and safety pins turned out to be stunning and creative.  the design of this cool necklace is the top of my favorites. 

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