Handmade sterling silver wire chain

Summary: The handmade sterling silver wire chain is made up with many repeating parts. It is easy to make.

The main purpose here is to teach you how to make the chain, and then you can use it to create not only chains, but various jewelry or other crafts. Here we used ordinary wire to make the chain.


Step 1: Make the first part

1st, make a loop around the round nose pliers.

2nd, continue to wrap around the first layer.

3rd, slide a bead onto the wire.

4th, make a loop under the end of the bead.

Step 2: You will get the component as shown below

Step 3: Make more same items

1st, repeat the above steps to make more.

2nd, connect them successively.

Step 4: Done

Congratulations! You get a very beautiful chain. How would you like to use this chain? What kind of projects do you think this chain would be perfect for?

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