Easy Home Made Jewelry- How to Make a Necklace with Natural Stone Beads

Summary: This easy homemade jewelry is an easy one to make, but a bit time-consuming and will need a little of your patience! Read on to know how to make a necklace with natural stone beads.

I love natural gemstones! The selection is so diversified, and each kind is just as beautiful and attractive as the other. Gemstone beads can be applied into various easy homemade jewelry projects easily. Follow me and learn how to make a necklace with gemstone beads!

Natural labradorite beads strand rectangle

Handmade alloy chain cross links

Eye pins

Round nose plier

Wire cutter


1st, slide labradorite beads onto eye pin, shaping them as you would see on a set of chime bells;

3rd, add the glass bead onto a head pin and make a loop at the end, cut off excess wire.

Step 2: prepare parallel double chains

2nd, cut a pair of chains measuring the beaded pendant length, and similarly prepare 7 more pairs;

4th, prepare another pair of chains, that when combined with the glass bead focal, the length is  equal to pendant.

Step 3: assemble parts into necklace

2nd, attach clasp to ends.

The finalized necklace should look like this:

Tada, the how to make necklace with gemstone beads tutorial has been successfully completed! If you are good at discovering and creating beauty, you will find that easy homemade jewelry ideas are numerous and always surrounding you. 

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