Several Steps to Learn How to Make Bracelets with Rope

Summary: Do you want to make your own super easy, simple and knotted rope bracelet ? It’s not as hard as you would think! We present to you a detailed about how to make make a wonderful bracelets with rope that includes clear illustrations and an elaborate explanation.

Making rope bracelets come in various versions and allow for beginners and even experienced crafters to create customized pieces of their own to send to friends as special gifts. This handmade rope bracelet design can be finished in a short amount of time and uses very common materials. Keep on reading to find out more about the details for this inspiration project.

Things you’ll need for DIY rope bracelet:

Nylon Thread

Ribbon Ends


Lobster Claw Clasp

Flat Nose Plier


Bead Reamer

Scissors & Tape (not shown)

Instructions on the rope bracelet pattern:

Step 1: Create the focal knot

First of all, take a length of 2mm nylon wire, fold in half and twist the two ends into one strand. Then, you can go on the processes at below:

1. Snip the strand into two strips, each about 50cm long. Wrap the tips with tape so that they don’t fray away while making the knot;

2. Fold one cord in half. Make a loop where the cords overlap each other as shown in the picture;

3. Also fold the 2nd cord, however, insert it under the loop; 

4. Take the folded tip of the 2nd cord and pass under the tails of the loop;

5. Still working with the folded part, thread it through the loop from left to right over-under-over;

6. Tighten the knot slightly. Pay attention to how you work with the cords, trying to keep them flat for a better looking and even rope bracelet pattern.

Step 2: Cut off the excess parts

Measure the length that you desire for the bracelet. Then, place a piece of tape all the way around the four strands where you will make the cut. 

Step 3: Add on the clasp

1. Remove the excess cords and then dab drops of glue to the cut ends;

2. After the glue has completely dried, attach a wide ribbon end. Squeeze tightly; 

3. Repeat the same process on the other side;

4. Add on the clasp and a jumpring at two ends.


These tutorial on making  rope is veay easy, so you can make a bunch in an hour! Each color embodies distinctive meaning. After making many of these, I promise you will love this fabulous rope bracelet . Have a nice day!

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