Handmade Circle Chain

Summary: To creating this handmade circle chain, you just need some wire and to follow these few steps. Read on to learn the process step by step.


Step 1: Make jumprings

1st, make a loop around the round nose pliers.

2nd, cut off the extra wires.

3rd, make a larger loop around a mandrel or cylindrical object.


Step 2: Make links

1st, bend the beginning of the wire into a U shape with round nose pliers.

2nd, bend the wire again to create an oval loop.

3rd, cut off the extra wire.


Step 3: you will get the item below


Step 4: Connect the jumprings to the links

1st, connect the jumprings to the oval links.

2nd, repeat the above steps to make more.

Step5: Connect them in the order shown below and you will get this unique chain


I believe you have mastered this technique. 

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