How to Make Handcrafted Rings out of Beads and Wire

Summary: Today’s jewelry making tutorial is all about a delicate handcrafted ring pattern. You may only need a few inches of wire and a few round seed beads While practise making the spiral rings jewelry.

Make a cluster of handcrafted rings for your fingers that will boost your sense of fashion and energy all summer along. With a few colorful round seed beads and some jewelry wire, you can make your own rings to fit perfectly. This guidance on making handmade rings with beads and wire will demonstrate to you such an example.

Beads and materials for handcrafted rings:

Jewelry Wire

Round Seed Bead

Side Cutting Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Details for the hangcrafted ring:

Step 1: measure a section of jewelry wire around your finger. Cut one and a half circle.

Step 2: thread 3 or 4 seed beads onto the two ends.

Step 3: clamp the tips and wrap around one another.  

Step 4: flatten and tuck the sharp tips. And then you’ve finished!

So of course, you may do various versions with all sorts of wire and beads for more funky handcrafted rings. The  spiral rings jewelry is actually simple to make, with a touch of color. Hope you’ll love them.

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