Eight Wire Chain

Summary: The eight wire chain is made up with many ‘‘number eight’’ shapes made of wire. This technique is very easy to make. All you need are a few minutes and you will make this chain.


Step 1: Make the wire in the shape of a number eight

1st, wrap the wire around your round nose pliers.

2nd, make another larger loop to form the number eight.

3rd, continue wrapping the wire around the round nose pliers to form two small loops.

4th, cut off the extra wires.


Step 2: Seen from the side


Step 3: Connect the eight wires together

1st, make more eight wires.

2nd, separate the two small loops and open the loops.

3rd, slide another eight wire through the opened one.

4th, close the loops.


Step 4: Continue connecting and you will get the chain below


Hope you like this technique and find creative ways to integrate it into your future projects!

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