Double Spiral 4 in 1 Wire Chain Technique-A Spiral Chain

Summary: Double spiral 4 in 1 wire chain is a little complicated to make. However, it is not as difficult to make as it can be confusing when you see it.

We have assembled this tutorial for you to learn how to make this beautiful chain out of jumprings just for you.


Step 1: Start to make the chain

1st, add two jumprings through two other jumprings.

2nd, add another two jumprings to continue lengthening the chain.

3rd, insert a jumpring through the middle space between two pairs of jumprings making sure you also pass though the other two jumprings.

4th, slide two jumprings together through the right four jumprings.


Step 2: add more jumprings

1st, add a jumpring through the rightmost four jumprings.

2nd, add two more jumprings together through the rightmost two jumprings and the newly- added jumpring.

3rd, insert two jumprings through the single jumpring and the two newly- added jumprings.

4th, insert two jumprings through the rightmost four jumprings.


Step 3: Continue adding in the same way


Step 4: Done!


Congratulations! You have got the double spiral 4 in 1 wire chain.

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