Custom made beaded jewelry- gradient color ring

Summary: This custom made beaded jewelry project is one special, as this time the beaded jewelry is a gradient color ring; for this fab ring, we make full preparation: detailed instruction and legible photos, so do you have interests on it?

Cat eye is very fascinating in its color and luster; it is said that cat is a kind of creature originally from unknown dimensional world, so its eyes are always different from others, which possess the magic power to enchant humans; indeed, handmade cat eye beads are always the best sellers in craft stores; many jewelry makers love this style of beads, so I start this tutorial custom made beaded jewelry, which lead you to making a gradient color ring out of cat eye beads.

The materials and tools you need for this custom made beaded jewelry:


8mm crackle glass bead in blue color

8mm cat eye beads in brown color

4mm bicone beads in blue, violet, purple colors 

3mm glass seed beads in rose, purple and blue colors

Tiger tail wire

Wire cutter

Steps about the gradient color ring:

1. Make the cat eye part

First, slide 3 blue bicones to center of one 15 cm wire, and then cross through 1 cat eye bead;

Second, add 1 lavender bead to each end, and cross through another lavender one;

Third, continue adding 1 purple bead to each end and cross through 1 cat eye bead and keep on;

Till as picture shows:

2. Bead the gradient color ring base

First, add 1 blue bicone to each end, cross through another 1 blue bicone and continue the process in the turn of blue, lavender and purple;

Second, till the length is okay, stop at the bead which is crossed through;

3. Finish the ring

First, make each end back through the sided beads, between the cat eye, insert rose, purple and blue seed beads in turn;

Second, till all the sided beads are handled as left picture shows, cross both ends through the tip bead; add 1 lavender bead to each end and then cross through the other tip end;

Third, make knot and trim off the excess wire;

So far, the turmoil about custom made beaded jewelry is over, and gradient color ring is worked out by you successfully. Congratulations, now you have mastered another way to collocate different beads with cat eye beads to create amazing effects.

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