How to Make Basic Wire Chain for Jewelry Making

Summary: From the name basic wire chain, we're sure you can tell that we will be using a basic technique and that this project is easy to make.

Making wire chain is one of basic jewelry making techniques for beginners, it's easy, beautiful and brings fun to you,follow our steps to make simple yet beautiful project.

How to make basic wire chain for jewelry making?

Step 1: Prepare the jumprings

prepare the jumprings

Step 2: Open the junctions of jump rings and connect the jumprings in into a chain.

connect the jumprings in into a chain

Step 3: Make simple bead dangles

1st, insert a bead onto a headpin.
2nd, make a loop over the bead with round nose pliers.
3rd, cut off the extra wires.
4th, make more simple loops.

make simple bead pendants

Step 4: Add the dangles onto the jumprings alternately

wire chains is made

So you have mastered the basic wire chain technique. Bravo! Adding a toggle, you will own a wire chain bracelet with lovely dangles.

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