Easy DIY Jewellery Handmade Bracelet out of Bead and Wire

Summary: Turn ordinary jewelry wire into a one-of-a-kind DIY jewellery handmade bracelet. All techniques required are detailed and shown in this tutorial and can be practiced with great ease.

Maybe you’ve seen a large amount of beaded wire ornaments, such as a beaded wire bangles or an item that consists of wire wrapped beads. Whatever you have seen,  what is certain is that DIY jewellery handmade pieces using wire can be actually an ingenious choice. In this post I will demonstrate how to make a bracelet chain made out of wire wrapped findings and beads.


Supplies needed for the jewellery handmade process:

2mm Aluminum Wire

8mm Rondelle Swarovski Crystal Beads

3mm Round Seed Bead


Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier


Instructions on the jewellery handmade bracelet:

Step 1: make the wire wrapped component

1. Take the wire coils and form a clockwise loop.

2. Make the 2nd and 3rd loop in same direction. Arrange the loops into a triangle shape.

3. Trim off the excess wire. Shape the cut.


Step 2: make the connective beaded part

To make the connectors, you need to insert two  3mm round seed beads and one 6mm abacus glass bead on an eyepin. Loop the top using round nose pliers.


Step 3: design your bracelet

Determine your desired bracelet pattern and assemble the components.


Wrap a jumpring to connect the starting and ending parts of the bracelet.


Voilà! There it is!


The entire jewellery handmade details are shown elaborately and I hope you guys will love it  much. When I look at my creation, the wire wrapped findings seem like floating clouds in the sky while the blue beads are like crystal drops of rain. So go ahead! Make and wear this awesome jewelry design!

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