DIY Jewelry Making Accessories-Handmade Bead Jewelry Bangle

Summary: Want to learn some new methods to whip up creative DIY jewelry making accessories? Here, make a handmade bead jewelry bangle in one hour or less with the help of this tutorial.

I’m always looking for handmade bead jewelry with an energetic and vivid summer palette, so I chose these yellow beads as the main color for my DIY jewelry making accessories. What’s more, for the sake of a more comfortable piece to wear, I made use of nylon wire besides the necessary beads and clasps. You guys will actually go crazy about it.

Supplies for this handmade bead jewelry:

8mm Acrylic Pearl Bead

6mm & 4mm Bicone Glass Bead

3mm Round Seed Bead

Crimp Bead

Iron Bead Tip

Lobster Claw Clasp with ending chain

0.5mm Nylon Wire

Round Nose Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

How to make this DIY jewelry making accessories?

Step 1: work a beaded strand

1. Snip an 80cm long wire. Thread a crimp bead to the center of the wire, and then pass the two ends together through the bead tip. Flatten the crimp bead and close the bead tip.

2. Slide one 4mm Bicone Glass Bead onto the two ends.

3. Separate the two ends, on the left end add one 8mm Acrylic Pearl Bead, then on the right end add the beads as follows: 3mm Seed Bead x3, 6mm Bicone Glass Bead x1 and 3mm Seed Bead x3. Finally, cross two ends through another piece of 3mm Seed Bead.

4. Exchange the added bead group for two ends and then cross at one extra seed bead.

5. Do the above two beaded patterns alternatively for the desired length.

6. Lead the two ends through one 4mm Bicone Glass Bead. Slide on the bead tip and then secure with a crimp bead as before.

7. Cut off the remaining wires.

Step 2: make the bangle

1. Take a 50cm long nylon wire.

2. Affix the wire through one of the beginning4mm Bicone beads. Take the rest of the wire and pass through the 6mm Bicone Glass Beads one after one. Leave the wire as is.

3. When finished passing though all beads on the edges, tie a knot at the end.

4. Tuck the ends of the wire in the adjacent 2 or 3 beads and remove any excess parts.

Step 3: add on clasp

Attach the two parts of the clasp onto the ends.

See, here is your handmade bead jewelry!

This is my handmade bead jewelry bangle, so simple but gorgeous, right? All in all, simply be aware of the trends and let them provide you with more inspirations for your DIY jewelry making accessories. Enjoy trying out this design! 

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