Funky jewelry inspiration-how to make a bracelet for small children

Summary: This is a really simple but amusing funky jewelry design and it doesn’t include any skillful techniques so that even beginners can learn how to make a bracelet with great ease.

It’s a funky jewelry design from happyhourprojects and the original author calls it a fish beaded bracelet. But actually it is a multi-strand beaded hemp bracelet accented with a large metal fish bead. When I first saw this design, I knew I wanted to make one because I was deeply attracted to it! Want to have a look? Just keep reading and learn how to make a bracelet with us.

Supplies needed for the funky jewelry:

Metal Fish Bead

All sorts of Round Seed Bead

Hemp or linen twine

Cord ends

Lobster Claw Clasp


Super Jewelry Glue

Scissors (not shown)

How to make a bracelet?

Step 1: prepare the beaded strands

Cut strands of hemp fit for your wrist size. Slide on the seed beads one after another. When you need to separate the beads on the string, tie a knot. 

For the focal fish bead strand, attach the fish bead with a knot as well.

Step 2: add on the ends

Once you have all beaded strands finished, align them. Take a cord end cap and insert the cord ends in it. Secure with drops of super jewelry glue. Wait for it to dry completely.

Arrange the hemp strands in the pattern you want them to be. 

Cut the other end evenly and glue on another cord end. 

Step 3: add clasp and wear it

Attach the lobster claw and one jumpring at the ends. 


You have finished this funky jewelry bracelet tutorial! All beads and assistive tools are available in craft stores. Additionally, I wanted to show this tutorial here so that all levels of crafters can learn how to make a bracelet in an extremely simple way. Hope you will love it!

Source: By Adrianne

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