Handmade jewelry necklace pendants for women

Summary: Need to add something special to your outfits? You can make a change by creating this handmade jewelry necklace. This post is exactly about making creative necklace pendants for women.

Necklace and pendants are among the trendiest types of handmade jewelry. They can be worn by both men and women and children as well. What’s more, as being designed in various style and patterns, necklace pendants for women are available for sale at most jewelry retailers and stores. However, in my case, I’d rather do my own pieces rather than buy them, and here is a sample among my ideas. 


Materials for this handmade jewelry:

14mm Natural Lava Bead

10mm Turquoise Bead 

2mm Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Brass Wire


Suede Cord

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier


Instructions for making necklace pendants for women:

Step 1: create each necessary component

1. Tassel

Take 5 stripes of suede cord, each 10cm long. Fold in half as picture shows. 

Overlap the 5 pieces and hold them in place 2cm from the folded location. 

Cut a long brass wire piece and pass it through the loop at the top.

Take the left tip to the right side. Leave a short segment to form a loop.

Twist the two wire ends twice, and then wrap the excess tails around the folded locations.

Tuck the sharp tips of the wire in the coils and this is your tassel.


2. Decorative Wire Wrapped Bead

Take another fairly long piece of brass wire and a lava bead of your choice. 

Pinch the bead with fingers and thread the wire through its hole.

Gather the two ends on the right side, twist one or two times.

Start to wrap the wire ends around the bead. 

The pattern may depend on your preference. Each time change the direction and anchor the coils firmly.

3. Make the connective parts

String the wire wrapped lava bead and turquoise bead onto an eyepin respectively. Loop the other side.


Step 2: create a necklace hoop

Measure the circumference of the neck. Then, snip a 2mm aluminum wire section, make it 3~4cm longer than that.

Curve one end into an S-hook pattern and make a hook on the other end.

Step 3: assemble the necklace pendants for women

Open the loops of eyepins and hook the turquoise bead, lava bead and tassel one after one. 

At last, slide the pendant onto the blank necklace hook. 



In this necklace pendant for women tutorial, I made a feminine tassels and a cool wire wrapped necklace base. You can however use all sorts of wires and cords to make your handmade jewelry long and bold, or short and dainty. Have a whale of a time!

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