DIY Golden Handcrafted Copper Earrings Combined with Blue Cat’s eye Beads

Summary: Make these beautiful handcrafted copper earrings with blue cat’s eye beads. They make a fabulous gift for your family and friends! Who dares to say it isn’t love?

Nothing is more special to present than something you designed and created all by yourself! We believe that these golden handcrafted copper earrings are just the items you need to make a memorable gift. Another thing worthy of being mentioned is the earrings got several cat’s eye beads for embellishment.

Materials and tools:

1.5mm golden alum wire

0.5mm golden copper wire

Golden earring hooks

8mm blue cat s eye beads

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: make earring dangles

1st, snip a piece of aluminum wire and fold it in half with a loop formed at the top;

2nd, snip a long piece of copper wire and create several wraps below the loop;

3rd, slightly open aluminum wires to make to make room for a cat’s eye bead to fit in, then thread the copper wire through a bead;

4th, close the aluminum wire after the bead and make several more wraps with the copper wire over the aluminum wire. Open the aluminum wire again.;

5th, Repeat step 3 and 4;

6th, tie a knot at the end of the wraps with the copper wire;

7th, shape the ends into mustache pattern, and cut off excess wires;

8th, flatten the cutting ends;

Step 2: attach ear hook to dangle

1st, make two jump rings with copper wire;

2nd, attach ear hooks to dangles with the jump rings.

The finalized items are like this:

We dare you to add super-modern beads into your handmade wirework.  Sometimes trying new combinations can have less than desirable results. So if you are afraid to make bad combinations, we suggest you try doing the handcrafted copper earrings with cat’s eye beads first.

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