Handmade jewellery-plain leather necklaces for men

Summary: Super easy handmade jewellery making project. To make this leather necklace for men, you just need 4 beads and a strand of leather cord. Just follow the tutorial.

Mix a few lightweight acrylic beads and Indonesia beads on inches of leather cord for a handmade jewellery that is just the right blend of showy and stylish. Here, for the sake of making leather necklaces for men, simply string the beads on, tie knots and it is enough. 


Materials and tools for handmade jewellery:

Leather Cord

Acrylic Bead

Indonesia Bead



How to start the leather necklace for men?

Step 1: design a pendant

1. Take 10cm long leather cord and one Indonesia bead. Fold the cord at a central location and tie a sliding knot with one end.

2. Reserve a small loop at the top and tighten both ends gradually and slightly.


3. Thread on the Indonesia bead.

4. Secure with a Snake Knot.

5. Leave 1cm at each end and trim off other excess parts.


Step 2: make the handmade jewellery necklace

1. Snip another long piece of leather cord. Overlap its two end tips. 

2. String an acrylic bead on one end, and then two acrylic bead and the prepared pendants on another end.

3. Tie a sliding knot with the end around the other strand.

4. Tighten the cords and remove leftovers. 


Adjust the cord ends and Tada! This is your leather necklace for men now! That’s so easy, right?


The leather necklace for men is finished. In my case, turquoise is one material in my favorite list to work with, but you can customize the handmade jewellery with any type of beads or strings. Just enjoy the work!



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