Bracelet Kits for Girls-Handmade Crystal Jewelry with String

Summary: Need some cost-effective bracelet kits for girls in this summer? How about you try this handmade crystal jewelry bracelet that uses shimmering crystal beads and colorful string? This will take you only 15 minutes to make.

I’m so happy it is finally summer season now! We all get so many happy memories of summer, the sun, the moon and of course the twinkling stars. And today’s project is just the kind of handmade crystal jewelry project that once you try it, you’ll want to do more versions of it. And best yet, you only need to master 3 basic knot tying techniques (All techniques about knots are detailed and shown in our learning center).

Materials and tools for bracelet kits for girls:

8mm Abacus & Bicone Swarovski Bead

6mm Abacus &Bicone Swarovski Bead

4mm Abacus &Bicone Swarovski Bead

1mm Nylon Thread



How to start the handmade crystal jewelry?

Step 1: Cut two 50cm long nylon threads. Start with tying a 4 Snake Knot 10cm from the beginning.

Step 2: Thread one 6mm Abacus Swarovski Bead through one cord only. Tie another 4 Snake Knots after the bead.

 Step 3: Add a 6mm Abacus bead on the other cord. Anchor it with 4 more Snake Knots as well. Repeat the step one more time.

Step 4: Design the center focal pattern. Arrange the rest of the 4mm and 10mm crystal beads as your desire. Make 4 snake knots as before.

Step 5: Mirror the pattern you have just created on the right side.

Step 6: Lay the four cord ends side by side as to create a circle with the bracelet. Take another thread and tie 4 simple Square Knot. Once finished, trim off excess tails.

Step 7: Slide a bead onto each cord end, set them in place with a Figure “8” knot. Melt the cut with lighter slightly.

There it is!

I’m not a serious jewelry maker, in fact a just a beginner crafter.  As you can see, anyone can make this beautiful bracelet.  Also, when selecting strings or cords for making adorable bracelet kits for girls, neutral colors are the best to show off the dazzling beads on this handmade crystal jewelry bracelet. Any suggestion then? 

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